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We think about everything wrong.

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It is really difficult to overcome the mainstream way of thinking. How could it not be? We have been conditioned by our societies for a long, long time. But, we can do better. We have the tools and this platform is the best we have today.

Anyway, on the the issue at hand…

Lately, my wife has been dealing with an interesting situation with her goat hobby. There is some ongoing drama about a prevalent breeder that we have had some ongoing business with and has apparently been doing some various serial scams and frauds.

One of those frauds has been allegedly forging health papers which are necessary for interstate transport. We even have an agency contacting us about information pertaining to our transactions. They aren’t looking at us, but just trying to find evidence of fraud by her.

Now the whole community is in arms about who is in trouble and such and this is where I think people are just not thinking about the root problem. Why in the world do we even need health papers for these animals?

Sure, on the surface it sounds like an obviously needed protection, but the reality is of course nothing of the sort. The funny thing is that pretty much everyone seems to know that these rules/ laws are largely arbitrary and designed for revenue generation, but yet they still vehemently stand behind them and often even use them against others just for personal attacks.

My point is that people should be turning their attention on why we are putting up with this sort of tyrannical bureaucracy which is putting real limits on our commerce for no actual protection.

I feel like the blockchain has the solution, but I just can’t figure out how it would work on my own.

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