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How Do We Deal With These Power Crazed Police?

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This week’s incident concerning the murder of George Floyd brings the questions of dealing with police, justice and security back to the front and center.

Below is a good commentary of the story on LBRY:

The LBRY App:

Admittedly, we are starting to see some indictments, but still rarely see convictions.

It would be really nice if police were held accountable at all, but shouldn’t they really be held to an even higher standard?

We entrust them with elevated powers and privileges, so shouldn’t those powers and privileges be held in check by additional standards?

I’m at the point that the solution I want to see is to completely abolish the police. Not many people agree with that, but we should take a look at the option and some of the problems that have created this mess. When we look into this, many people will put abolition on the short list of solutions.


Usually riots are horribly damaging to the area, but this time, things seem to be focused on the actual problem with rioters surrounding the police station and vandalizing the police instead of their own community.

This is a pretty fresh story, so we have to wait and see how this all unfolds still. I just hope people stay focused on the actual problems and get these power hungry mad men off the streets and into jail where they belong.

People need to find a voice to show the politicians and their enforcers who the real bosses are.

We should continue to push this conversation and look for real solutions. Join us on Discord:

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