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Open Collective: Governance and funding tools for collaborative groups.

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“A new form of association, transparent by design.” is an online funding platform which caters to openness and transparency for collaborative groups, meetups, open source projects and more.

The differentiating feature of OpenCollective is its depth of transparency. Designed for groups and ongoing projects, donors and other interested parties can see where money is coming from and where it is going to.

New tools for open source projects are radically changing the landscape.

Finance and governance has long been the crux of any open source project. Historically, most projects start with one or two people trying to solve a particular problem and the project may or may not grow from there. Many times, the contributors of the project pay for any infrastructure or other expenses from their own pockets. Contributors are completely volunteer and therefore limited to what they can do in their spare time to advance development.

If a project grows to a certain level of popularity, they may be able to find some sponsorship from an interested party, but this can leave a lot of cards on the table and have other unforeseen consequences.

Lately, as the landscape makes sweeping and radical changes for these projects, we are seeing a slew of new ways to improve in these areas.

Now, with projects like OpenCollective and a handful of others that are also trying to solve this problem, we are already seeing ground breaking strides in the success of many projects.

Open source is not just a hobbyist niche for geeks any more. The whole paradigm of how we think in society is showing signs that open source has broken into our collective thought process and changing the way we do pretty much anything.

Tools like this are transforming our world from a mostly blind and centralized one to a more transparent and open one.

Is this a project that could benefit from the Steem blockchain?

How does OpenCollective compare and contrast to other platforms like Utopian? Actually, where the hell did Utopian go?

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