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Open Roads – A Voluntary Way. (Alpha)

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This is a very rudimentary exploration in what I would like to be an ever evolving pillar and focus of this project. This relatively basic and fundamental example could “pave the way” by providing templates for any number of other community activities using blockchain, open source and voluntary principles.

Open source, decentralized and voluntary tools and principles are already available for us to build, maintain and improve roads in a non coercive and monopolistic way. Now is the time to start experimenting with those tools and the ideas behind them to create a more robust, peaceful and prosperous future.

Blockchain Based Funding and Management

All funds for the project should flow in and out of the blockchain accounts for full transparency and auditing. There is so much power in blockchain technology that can be leveraged, such as multi-sig wallets.

What are other useful blockchain features?

I envision this having the ability to eliminate the need for mandatory taxes and instead shift the burden of funding to actual interested parties such as land owners, businesses and users.

What are proper protocols and necessary features for a blockchain platform?

What blockchain would work best? Should it be on its own blockchain?

Auction Theory and Blockchain.

Auction theory can be used for the legitimate and fair acquisition of property for use by the road system. Roughly put, the system can be used to decide the best way to purchase which property through the voluntary market system.

Done properly, it seems this could eliminate problems with eminent domain.

Law and Regulations

How are laws and regulations created and maintained?

Stake only votes? Limited to the users, businesses and owners that invest in the project?


There needs to be a place to search, clone and change data for templates and other things. Can #Hive serve as such a thing? What blockchain platform would suit this use case best and why?

I am very interested in ways to incentivize collaboration with much more educated and clever people than I am and I’m wide open to input to this article and ways to incentivize collaboration. Off the top of my head, I am thinking liquid payouts, vote trails… what else is there?

One thing I thought of this morning is to tag everyone that has quality input in the footer here and as the document grows over time, those people will be noticed and hopefully encouraged to continue participating.

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